Project Funding and Fund Transfer Assistance


Design Marque is aware of the issues many of its international clients have with moving legitimate funds around the world and how they can impact new, on going projects and future opportunities. Given DM is first and foremost a creative company, raising or having the funds available is essential to the process of creating successful project or dream residence. Conventional financing is becoming more difficult but in so doing is creating other perhaps more suitable means of financing.

Let DM help you by introducing you professionals who can help with you needs in this area and set you on the right road to a successful project. We don’t claim to be all things to all people but having been in business for over a quarter century we know the right people.

Our providers are FCA regulated, operates with clients based in 92 countries, able to exchange not just G10 currencies but many “exotic”, currencies. It has been trading between China and Canada for over 5 years, tailored to minimize currency exposure and held in segregated UK Tier I Banks. So if funding is holding up your project, let’s see what our creative team can do to help out.